I have always enjoyed life drawing and feel that portraiture is, for me, a way to further develop my technical skills. I enjoy the challenge of painting people - the success of a portrait seems so much more objective than that of a landscape painting.

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Calvin (33 x 44cms) [not for sale]

Self portrait at Waipu, NZ (33 x 44 cms)

Calvin as a boy (31 x 36 cms) [not for sale]

Art Tatum Acrylic on board (25 x35 cms) [not for sale]

Waiting Acrylic on card (15 x 19 cms)

The River Acrylic on card (18 x 23 cms)

Evelyn Acrylic on card (23 x 29 cms) not for sale

Budle Bay, late Summer (22 x 22cms)

Michael fishing Acrylic on card (21 x 22cms) not for sale

Sunshine Acrylic on card (20x23cms) not for sale

Summer Acrylic on canvas (51 x 76cms) not for sale